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1. XOXO 愛 LOVΞ? (produced by Major)
2. XOXO 愛 W∆SUP? (produced by Major)
3. XOXO 愛 BURTHD∆YGURL (produced by Major)
4. XOXO 愛 LI∆R ft. David Tate & David Famous (produced by Digitalbeatz)
5. XOXO 愛 COMΞS&GOΞS ft. Solace (produced by SWTO revamped by Alawn)
6. XOXO 愛 M∆YBΞ (produced by Major)
7. XOXO 愛 M∆KΞSENSΞ? (produced by Major)
8. XOXO 愛 ILOVΞOURLOVΞ ft. David Tate (produced by Major)
9. XOXO 愛 AW∆YFROMU ft. Nina Sims (produced by Major)
10. XOXO 愛 AM∆ZING (produced by Major)
11. XOXO 愛 4ΞVΞR ft. John Givez (produced by Major)

“Love, this is the message of the whole project. One of the greatest commandments is to love. To the CHH community, I love y’all, I won’t ever forget the love and support you have shown and will show me throughout my stay here. Don’t know how long I’ll do music as an artist but as long as I’m doing it, I promise to give my all for the glory of God. Let’s continue to love those that love us and love those that hate us. After all we are the outsiders, they will hate us, they will not understand us but we must still love. Let’s continue to lift up our brothers and sisters and not tear them down. Nothing we do matters without love. We must do everything in a spirit of love. God is love.

Huge shout out to Rapzilla, I love and won’t ever forget y’all. Thank you for being the only website to take a chance on me and my music. To my family and friends, Thank you for the support and encouragement, y’all are awesome. To all of the artist featured on the project, Thank you for helping to make this special for me. To Outsiders University, my squad, love y’all. To Circle Music Group, Thank you for helping me craft this sound. Love y’all. And to all of my new CHH family, again love you and continue to lift me up and stay with me as I begin this new journey. Let’s see where God takes this stuff. Love all y’all man! It’s my burthday too so go download my project below and wish me a happy burthday dang it! 😛 #XOXO #burthdayswag”

– Major

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Written by Steven

Steven is Christian Hip-Hop's Wizard of Oz, breaking more unsigned talent than anyone you know.

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