Download North Carolina based group JustHis League’s free album Issue #1: Suit Up.


1. It Begins (skit)
2. Suit Up
3. Power ft. Judah, Glassez Tha Emcee, Trailblazer
4. Don’t Play ft. Cutright, Phresh
5. Superman ft. Omega Sparx, B.Meads, Pop
6. Breaking News (skit)
7. Save the Day ft. Warborn, Messiah, Judah, Aji Rogers
8. Lookin’ ft. Glassez Tha Emc, Ike Hill & Cutright 9. Fly Away ft. Warborn, Glassez Tha Emcee, B.Meads, D.Brown
10. Coastin ft. Ike Hill, Cutright
11. All I Know ft. Cutright, Warborn, Pop
12. Err Day ft. Ike Hill, Phresh
13. Rock It ft. Judah, B. Meads
14. Counting Candles (skit)
15. HBD ft. Warborn, Pop
16. Yesterday ft. Ike Hill, B.Meads, Phresh
17. White Flag ft. Glassez Tha Emcee
18. Qutro ft. Pastor Q

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