Video: Json – No Filter Album Promo #2

“Man’s approval can build you and man’s approval can break you, but man’s approval might kill you, if man’s approval can make you,” says the opening quote in the second promo video for Json’s forthcoming album, No Filter.

Ahead of the anticipated March 2015 release, the Lamp Mode President and artist has unveiled another visual.

Directed by CTZN Creative, in 46 seconds, the gripping trailer strips away polished layers of the St. Louis-bred Christian rapper, revealing his true identity underneath—the subject matter his new album deals with heavily.

Similar to the first promo video published two weeks ago on Jan. 7, the most recent video further aims to debunk the myth of perfection. Only, this time, rather than using a female model, Json places himself squarely in front of the camera.

“Most people don’t want to make themselves vulnerable,” said Json. “So we learn to hide behind masks and contrived images, because we’re too afraid to be who we are.”

According to him, craving acceptance and man’s approval is responsible for this cycle of pretending he is intent on breaking by pointing others to the ultimate source. “If we measure our worth by comparing ourselves to cultural icons or try to gain perspective on our identity without looking to Christ, we will end up lost,” he added.

In the beginning of the video, with the aid of great lighting and a professional team of stylists, Json appears blemish-free and camera-ready. But as the video works in reverse, the viewer gets to see the raw, unfiltered, genuine representation of the man behind the image of perfection.

It is the ultimate display of honesty and transparency, and the perfect precursor to the full No Filter album.

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