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Free Download: Jordan Nitchoff – Lonely Affliction (prod. by Wontel)

New artist Jordan Nitchoff drops his debut single “Lonely Affliction” produced by Wontel.

Jordan describes this song as follows.

“In the beginning of the song it talks about being in a relationship and the events of hooking up with someone, and how you can feel the excitement of being falsely in love. But then, you start to realize that even though you are physically involved with this person, you start to wonder why this isn’t enough. Why do you still feel empty? At times you start to hear voices in your head, which 99% of the time it’s the holy spirit telling you “you should just turn away, is this your escape?“ (Those are the lyrics to the chorus), in the 2nd verse, you start to grasp that maybe its because you are using the person too much, we can save each other tonight if we didn’t go to each other for comfort. How do i feel forgiven from all of this? I hope that God is listening. It’s painful being lonely at times. That’s lonely affliction.”

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