Jasmine Le’Shea releases a new music video, “True Beauty” featuring Deraj.

“Jasmine Le’Shea shares that has never been what society deems as externally beautiful. Daily she fights & prays to seek God’s beauty and to remember how lovely the blood of His Son has made her. She is not alone in this battle. Jasmine wrote this song years ago, pleading with God to change the way she see herself. Today, although the struggle is present still, so is her hope in Christ Jesus who heals. So she continues to seek Him, invites other sisters to do the same, and pleads with brothers to encourage their sisters toward #TrueBeauty.”

“No matter how long or short her life may be, heart transplant recipient Jasmine Le’Shea has determined that her time on earth will be used to honor the Savior, Jesus Christ. It is out of this determination that Jasmine Le’Shea’s music ministry was birthed and continues. Her anticipated debut solo project entitled A Beautiful Life, dedicated to the family of her dear friend, recently deceased fellow heart transplant recipient Bethany, is scheduled to be released summer 2015.”

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