Download Calvin Martyr’s new free album Culture War.

Album Bio:
Two years and a name change later, Calvin Martyr (fka C-Hoop) is back with his sophomore album entitled Culture War. This album is a culmination of the frustration that has been mounting in Calvin as he has witnessed the steady decline of any moral standard in America. Overall, Culture War is a title that properly points to what the album proves to be. We know that victory is firmly in Jesus’ hands but that does not prevent us from going through the war that life is. From song to song, the album does a great job of describing the many battles that are faced by many types of people. This album is directed more towards the block but even the burbs can get something from several of the songs.


1. Vent x Brandon Marcel [prod. by Curtis King]
2. Calvin’s Revenge [prod. by Tone Jonez]
3. Da Cook Up x Meek [prod. by Curtis King]
4. Kingdom Come [prod. by Dope Boi Beatz]
5. Heart Bleed [prod. by Myke J. Beatz]
6. Lost Soul [prod. by Tone Jonez]
7. Street Kingz x Mr. OMG x FBCKLIK [prod. by Myke J. Beatz]
8. Smokin’ Ganja [prod. by Dope Boi Beatz]
9. Monsta [prod. by Curtis King]
10. Dark Heart [prod. by Dope Boi Beatz]
11. The Moment [prod. by Myke J. Beatz]
12. Spazzy [prod. by Curtis King x Kris Keyz]
13. Dream Alive x Jungle x Charmaine Moore [prod. by Tone Jonez]
14. Storm Is Over x Natori Blue x Victorious [prod. by Jim Rockford]
15. Victory x Kenny Wayne [prod. by Flawless Tracks]
16. One Life 2 Live [prod. by Tone Jonez]

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