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Listening Session: Ali Rozet – INP2



Ali Rozet and Atonement Music Group team up to release Ali Rozet’s second installment to The Irene Niau Project. Following his solo EP The Abolotion and mixtape The Average Man alongside Bridge B. Ali Rozet explained the meaning behind the project and Hawaiian titles.

“Probably those outside of the Polynesian community, and specifically the Hawaiian community, will not have any idea what my album title represents,” Rozet said. “The answer is two fold: Onipa’a was the final command from Queen Lili’uokalani given to Hawaiians. It means “to stand strong and hold steadfast in your culture while progressing forward.” INP2 is a tribute to my grandmother Irene Niau, the “2” signifies the second album I’ve done bearing her name. My grandmother was a Hawaiian rights activist early on in her life and until her death. She was the first person to share the gospel with me. I was redeemed shortly after her death and this is my tribute to her.

1. Ho’omaka ‘ana
2. I can’t change
3. Jesus is God (Ke Akua) ft Dillon Chase
4. Let it go (leiko)
5. Y.G.D. ( kino make)
6. Micheal Story (mo’olelo pokole)
7. Meet Delbert (paniolo)
8. Missionaries ( hoahanau kane) ft Dre Murray
9. King (pai ali’i) ft A.Ward
10. By any means necessary (pono)
11. Hi-Lo
12. Turnip (‘uala pilau) ft Princeton
13. L.O.L. (hehe) ft Bridge B, Kadence
14. Bonus track. Put in work by A.ward ft Ali Rozet

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