New free album from Shiwan, Waves (The Prequel) which is a precursor to his upcoming album Dive Above Limits.

Album Bio:
This Album describes how Waves signifies our situations in Life. We have Big Waves (situations) and sometimes Little Waves (Situations) but its up to us on how we deal them and being able to ride these Waves in our Life.


1. Rashad Kenneth’s Creek
2. Free
3. Now or Never
4. MoonLight Bay
5. Message
6. Dreams With Consequences
7. Unity Riches
8. Shine Thru The City Night
9. Positivity over Animosity
10. GraceLand
11. Friend In Need
12. Shine Aint Gold (feat. TLanez)
13. Love Goes
14. Stay Here
15. Under Estimate (Bonus Track)

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