Florida based singer Roslyn Peralta, sister to Social Club member F.E.R.N, releases free album Run to You featuring Social Club, Butta P., BumpsINF & more.


1. Run to You
2. Inside (Spanglish)
3. OMG (feat. Joe Justiz) – prod. by Joel Ortiz JR.
4. Got me singin’ – prod. by D-Flow
5. Life (feat. BumpsINF)
6. He says I’m beautiful
7. Always put You 1st
8. Like an avalanche – prod. by Rohit George John
9. I’m not afraid
10. Never (feat. Butta P.)
11. Help wi nation (feat. Troy Genius) (Spanglish) – prod. by Troy Genius
12. Daydream (feat. Social Club) – prod. by GordonBeats

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