We put together a playlist of Christian Hip Hop music for you to turn up to for New Year’s Eve!

“I Know” – Lecrae

Get down to the lead single of Gravity.

“Snap Off” – Thi’sl

Warning: Thi’sl almost goes too hard on “Snap Off” for this to be played at parties without major injuries.

“Zone Out” – KB

If you’ve ever seen a crowd react to KB performing this live, you know to get the lamps in a safe place when it comes on in your house.

“Lights On” – Young Chozen

Young Chozen flipped T-Pain’s club-banger into something you can pour a Martinelli’s to.

“Trumpet Sound (Trap Remix)” Tee-Wyla

Tee-Wyla samples Tye Tribbet & GA’s song “1-2 (Victory Check)” just in time for New Year’s.