Free Download: KamBINO – SINNER ft. K. Agee

KamBINO gives us a lead up to his upcoming free EP with this new track, “Sinner” featuring K. Agee.

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Verse 1:
A definite method to my madness
Just can’t be decrypted by the existential average
Now I get why they content in messing with these halfwits
Now I get why K been sent to bless them with these classics
Classics……present and past tense
To microphones disastrous tongue the weapon I blast with
‘Round the drama was brought up cause of God I outlasted
Pounding odds I have mastered guess this is one to defy
In the judging eye of the masses that’s itchin for son to fry
An eagle amongst the seagulls no rippin’ him from the sky
My perch is out of this earth getting wisdom from up on high
They sup on lies I dine on truth say “ ’Sup” to ‘em and strut on by
(Lonely road)….lonely road that I travel with stones and gravel
Thistles and thorns….women and porn thrown to distract you
Critics and scorn….this is my norm…come to expect it
FIFA – it’s on….goalie live pure….come to protect it
Tim Howard at times I’m comin’ up short
Objective score more than scored on in essence summing up sport
If left with only my efforts can bet they run up the score
But mess with him when injected with grace – I’ll son ‘em for sure
Born sinner….winner(winter) I was the opposite
Some of(summer) my heart was cold until the pending apocalypse
Some of my heart is gold but still to sin I have got the itch
Feel as if I fell in the middle when tryna hop the fence
Swear with this position I am not content
Swear to be in this condition I did not consent
Saint sinner, neither, either I am not convinced
Until the mirror makes it I will not relent

If I die tomorrow….will I fall or will I fly
Never ever claimed that I was perfect but I’m certain ‘fore I tell ‘em all goodbye
They gon’ know I tried to get it right

Verse 2:
Oh Looooooord – on my mama
Every time I say sianara more drama just sort of pop up
I’m tired dreamin’ of dreamin’ these demons they never sleep
I see them droppin’ these seeds in Lord Jesus don’t let ‘em reap
Shadow of death is just proof that the sun is near me
The guide that’s driving my ride but the truth is I wanna steer see
The pilot leading me right but the truth is I wanna veer the
Allure of awards and Porsches and gorgeous chicks drawing near me
Is real I admit….while I feel I’m equipped to deal
I’m like still it’s the pits – runnin’ from Pit’s that nip at my heels
And uphill is my sprint….but the fact is I wanna chill
Do right in the sight of God but still stack me a couple mill
I got bills on top of bills and these seeds that I gotta feed
Lil bro to send off to camps so that he can get in the league
Got people fienin’ for music but either want it for free
Or they screaming “We need a sermon” and seem to want it from me
Ain’t your pastor I’m a rapper that’s wrestling day and night
I guess it’s life – born sinner just pressin’ to get it right

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