UPDATE: Hopsin announced on Christmas that he’s not retiring and has a new album coming out.

Hopsin, a prominent hip-hop artist who announced in 2012 that he had become a Christian, declared on social media this week that he will move from Los Angeles to Australia and quit rap. This comes five months after he doubted the existence of God and denounced his faith on the song “Ill Mind of Hopsin 7,” which has accumulated over 10 million views on YouTube.

“Over the past couple years,” Hopsin said on social media Wednesday, “I have come to conclusion that this profession just isn’t for me.”

Hopsin told Hard Knock TV last year that he had befriended and planned to collaborate in the future with Lecrae, though the video production company waited until the release date of “Ill Mind of Hopsin 7” to publish that segment of their interview.

Less than a month after the song dropped, Lecrae reached out to Hopsin on Twitter. He tweeted, “@Hopsin old song but the message is timeless. http://youtu.be/eDHxnd6VFWs hit my line homie. I gotchu bruh.”

Lecrae’s tweet included a hyperlink to his song “Truth,” track No. 7 of his third studio album Rebel. On “Truth,” he challenges relativism and secular humanism. Lecrae quickly deleted the tweet, though, and directed another at Hopsin that said he meant to send a private message.

Hopsin, 29, told SKEE TV in 2013 that he planned to move to Australia to “find himself.” However, his plans then had only involved a year-long hiatus.

Pray for Hopsin.

David Daniels is a writer for Rapzilla.com. He’s been published at The Washington Times, Bleacher Report, Christianity Today and The Daily Caller. Follow him on Twitter.