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Kay Sade’s new song “Learn, Teach.” Check out the lyrics. Lyrics:

Everywhere I go I see intelligence
Brainpower, IQ, whatever way you measure it
Whatever kind you got I mean it’s evident we smart
Academically or physically, celebrities or chemistry
It’s few things as impressive as our memory
The human mind grows till we die eventually
We get rid of neural connections for anything we don’t practice
But double up on skills we do they get embedded
Till they crystallize and we’re seventy reciting lyrics
That we learned at seventeen think of all that energy that we are not
Spending on the heavier matters until we stop
Even sensing a purpose beyond this planet
We flying satellites out the galaxy
Mathematical prodigies proving forgotten theorems like it’s nothing
Putting years of effort in, lil kids reading Harry Potter
Faster than the grown read the Bible world we living in
Market products to people we know that’s killing them
We can turn a silver dollar to a stack of Benjamins
We can organize marathons for supposed cures
Though they know the cures but it’s no profit in healing them
Then you got the people with the knowledge locked inside em
Scared to teach another cause somebody might surpass em
They don’t like explaining how they think to other people
Like the early catholics if you need a fix you gotta ask em
Then you got the ones who will let em all know
They the brightest in the world, talk it like they’re all glow
But the theories in their heads are only there to impress
Dinner guests guess it gives em a lil something to flex
I ain’t bout it…
Walking round knowing and never teaching,
Watching but never seeing
And hearing but never speaking
Be quick to listen but biting your tongue when you need to reason
With misguided people’s not conducive to being a beacon
When it’s souls out at sea who think the beach is out of reach
Cause it’s black…and they’re searching for land they’ve never seen
You can see them getting closer, who are you to dim the light?
If you ain’t lit then you ash with the chaff you reside,
So beware of holding back how to live from the dying.
And show the world you’re enlightened
Just another lil stroll down the rap highway…
With my mind on the righteous.


Written by Philip Rood

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