It’s been about a year since I released my debut album “Hello World”. I was, and still am, very proud of that project, and it’s being received well by both the consumer and the industry (“Hello World” charted at 33 on the Billboard Gospel chart). Unfortunately, at the same time I had to promote and launch an album, my life was becoming increasingly challenging. In the second half of 2013, my wife encountered two miscarriages and my family received the tragic news that my younger brother Ryan had lost his life. During this time, as a husband and the oldest of my brothers and sister, I felt I needed to hold it together and continue to work with a sort of ‘robotic passion’. However, this failed quickly. Without going into too many details, my nights were filled with silent tears and my days were filled with a depression I’d never known or experienced. This was the most difficult time in my life…point blank. At the same time as these events took place, I was met with some difficult business decisions that needed an aggressive answer…and an aggressive response was given.

Today I begin a new chapter. I’ve parted ways with my former Latebloom label and created my own imprint, Ryan’s Brother Creations. I have a renewed passion and focus to once again create music from the heart with maximum effort. The family is learning to deal with the passing of my brother and my wife is about to give birth to our first child, Drew! This new beginning or “rebirth” of sorts made me feel like I was in a new time period of my life..a new season. AUGUST SEASON.

Stay tuned for a series of releases that chronicle my heart through this season, Music, videos, blogs, etc. Walk with me through August Season, where old things have passed away and everything’s new.


Chris Cobbins

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