Music: Bless’t – Come Down ft. PyRexx

“I’m gonna come down / I’m so H-Town / Used to move good by the pound / Now Good News I’m pushing now!”

This isn’t just a hook off Bless’t’s new single “Come Down” – but a testimony of who he is.
“I love Houston’s rich hip hop culture” Bless’t said. “Our style, our slang, the slabs, and the music. I came up on Geto Boys,SPC (Southpark Coalition), 5th Ward Boyz, SPM (Southpark Mexican), DJ Screw & the S.U.C (Screwed Up Click). I liked East Coast hip hop and West Coast gangsta rap too but because I heard it first on a Screwtape.”

“You get my background on this track”, Bless’t states.

This is evident when he recites legendary H-town rap lines and songs in his verse. This track bridges that 90’s Houston sound with the new earprint the city is making.

“Reaching out to the homie PyRexx was a good look and really made this track one for the city,” Bless’t said.

Available for purchase on iTunes or Amazon.


Written by Philip Rood

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