Video Interview: Lecrae’s Heart Behind Anomaly

On Tuesday, Lecrae will release his seventh studio album Anomaly—his favorite album yet, he told Rapzilla.

“I think Anomaly is my favorite album because it’s my most secure, confident, just kind of understanding-who-I-am album,” he said.

Rapzilla sat down with Lecrae at the Reach Records headquarters to talk about a variety of topics, including the particular sound of Anomaly.

“I had just gotten off a tour when I started working on it, and I was just drained,” said Lecrae. “So I had to take a break and start over, like recuperating because it would’ve been a really dark album.”

The album brightened up, though, after Lecrae took a break. But he confirmed it will feature less “turn up for Jesus” anthems and, instead, deeper songs. At 34 years old with a family, Lecrae explained how being in a different stage of life has influenced how he approaches music.

Also in the interview, Lecrae shares updates on Street Symphony’s departure as Reach Records’ A&R and how to support DJ Official through his physical ailment.

Purchase Anomaly on iTunes.

Blurb written by David Daniels


Written by Steve Patton

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