Lamp Mode Recordings and Hazakim dropped a brand new video for their second official single, “The Other Side.” In it, Mike and Tony Wray scoff at the mainstream reduction of Christ to a mere symbol of passivity and timidity, and focus, instead, on His strength, majesty, and authority.

Lyrically, as Hazakim reveals Jesus’s stronger side, visually, director Josh Wann of Scout’s Honor Media captures the brothers’ light-hearted, fun, personal side—the perfect juxtaposition.

“Hazakim is known for deep and serious content,” noted Wann of the Messianic Jews who are uniquely gifted at interweaving theology and Hip Hop. “But we wanted to keep it simple and fun, allowing the audience to connect with Hazakim.”

Shot on Cocoa Beach in Florida, approximately 20 minutes from where the two reside, the stunning imagery draws the viewer inside Mike and Tony’s world, as if they are together on an extended walk along the beach.

Reminiscent of earlier, less conceptual rap videos, Wann chose simplicity, he said, in order to “allow the lyricism to be highlighted, which is a strength of a group such as Hazakim.”

Listen to Hazakim’s new album Son of Man in full here on