Black Knight, JG, Mission, X-Ellentz, & K. Agee join forces to present to the world the #RPSMG Mixtape!


1. Tonight (ft. Mission, Black Knight, JG, K.Agee, & X-Ellentz) [Produced by: Black Knight]
2. #Startin5 (ft. Black Knight, JG, K.Agee, X-Ellentz, & Mission) [Produced by: Black Knight]
3. ILLuminati (ft. JG, Black Knight, & Mission) [Produced by: K.Agee]
4. Dear Future (ft. Black Knight, X-Ellentz, & Mission) [Produced by: Kajmir & Black Knight]
5. How it Be (ft. Black Knight, Mission, K.Agee, X-Ellentz, & JG) [Produced by: Black Knight]
6. #RPSMG (ft. Black Knight, K.Agee, X-Ellentz, Mission, JG) [Produced by: Black Knight]
7. Oh My Darling (ft. X-Ellentz, Black Knight, Mission, K.Agee, & JG) [Produced by: Black Knight]
8. Fire (ft. JG & X-Ellentz)
9. BO$$ TALK (ft. Black Knight & Mission) [Produced by: Black Knight]
10. Know Dats Right (ft. K.Agee, Black Knight) [Produced by: K.Agee]
11. I Can (ft. Mission, X-Ellentz, JG, K.Agee, Black Knight) [Produced by: Black Knight]
12. We Dem Boyz [REMIX] (ft. Black Knight, Mission, JG, X-Ellentz, & K.Agee)
13. #RockDaBay [BONUS TRACK] (ft. Mission, K.Agee, Black Knight, & JG) [Produced by: K.Agee]
Deluxe Edition:
01. We Do It (ft. Mission, K.Agee, Black Knight, X-Ellentz, & JG) [Produced by: Black Knight]
02. Go Get It (ft. JG, K.Agee, X-Ellentz, Mission, & Black Knight) [Produced by: Black Knight]
03. Day One (ft. Mission, X-Ellentz, Black Knight, JG, & K.Agee) [Produced by: Digital & Black Knight]
04. So What (#thissongissotight) (ft. JG, X-Ellentz, Mission, K.Agee, & Black Knight) [Produced by: K.Agee & Black Knight]

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