Battle Rap culture is huge globally. You have artists extending their reach by battling on platforms such as KOTD, Don’t Flop, URL, and more. Battling nowadays is done a capella which shines more light on the lyricism. Creative wordplay, varied rhyme schemes and showmanship reign supreme.

At this year’s Legacy Conference, which was held on July 25th, the audience was treated to a display of quality lyricism. The audience was not subjected to negative lyricism. The focus was on sharing God given ability in a creative way.

The finalists for the 2nd Annual 16 Bar Challenge should be applauded. Regardless of who was crowned victor. You have the outspoken ThaKiddJopp, who came onto the scene with the controversial “Letter to Lecrae” and then you have relative newcomer Royal Ezenwa, who is a Nigerian transplant who currently resides in Charlotte, North Carolina.

ThaKiddJopp spit first and opened with some Lecrae based wordplay and displayed excellent confidence in his delivery. Royal Ezenwa overcame a minor bout of amnesia and displayed a verse with a steady flow.

ThaKiddJopp was crowned the victor by Swoope, Eshon Burgundy and the crowd.

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What line stood out the most to you?

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