War Records recording artist NAK & Cult Classic Records sponsored producer Nicholas Cheung are set to release upcoming album NAK & Nicholas Cheung are ARTIFEX on September 9th 2014.

NAK is a Los-Angeles raised emcee. From cocky and apathetic beginnings in High School as a profane battle rapper and secular underground Hip-Hop artist, to a transformed wretch turned youth minister, healthcare professional, and redeemed Christian rapper: NAK- with his signature passion and energy- eloquently shares a transparent view of his life’s most pivotal experiences through the beautiful and unexpected integration of a hardcore, rugged hip-hop style of vocal delivery with skillful tact and enthusiastic compassion. Nicholas Cheung is a producer from Vancouver, Canada but currently residing in Hong Kong. He is affiliated and sponsored by Cult Classic Records, an international digital label based in London, United Kingdom. Cheung’s signature style is a versatile blend of classic 90’s hip-hop inspired themes and laid back jazzy melodies with modern twists.

1. Introduction
2. Reap (Feat. DJ Illogic)
3. Armed (Feat. Mickey Cho)
4. Forevermore (Feat. Sam Ock)
5. The Sheriff
6. Reasons
7. The Harpist (Feat. postmoderndisco)
8. Jealousy
9. Patches Rhapsody
10. Obsidian
11. We Are

Pre-order now on iTunes