4th Annual Rapzilla Beat Battle at Flavor Fest 2014


We’re more than excited to bring back the beat battle to Flavor Fest this year! The 4th annual Rapzilla Beat Battle will make history at Flavor Fest 2014 Columbus Day weekend in Tampa, Florida! The last three years, the auditorium at Crossover Church has been packed out to see some of the best beat makers in our genre go head to head as well as up and comers getting a chance to turn some heads and break some necks!

Eight beat makers will attempt to win the crowd over with their original music, and invoke the ugliest face the audience at Flavor Fest, has ever made! Ultimately two beat makers share the opposite end of the stage, and each showcase two 60 second beats. The winner as voted by the audience in attendance, and our official judges, will win $1,500 in cash and prizes!


Each beat maker must bring 5 original beats to the competition, but we suggest at least 6 in the case you make it to the final round and/or there is the need of a tie breaker. Each beat maker will play 1 minute of two beats per round, for a total of 2 minutes. We’ll have an AUX cable for you to play your beats via laptop, ipod, etc. You cannot play a beat that you made that contains a rapper’s verse on it. Each beat maker must be available to compete both Friday October 10th and Saturday October 11th or they will be disqualified. Our official judges, and the attending audience applause will decide the winner of each battle. Single elimination.


We are taking submissions to enter to compete in this year’s Rapzilla Beat Battle at Flavor Fest in Tampa, FL.
Deadline: September 10th

Step 1: Create a 1 minute track showcasing at least 2 beats.
Step 2: Add it to our: SoundCloud group
Step 3: Tweet to us “I just submitted my beats for the @Rapzilla Beat Battle at #FlavorFest2014!” so we know you have submitted.


Written by Philip Rood

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