Alex “Customary” Post thinks non-Christians should feel welcome in church.

Those around him, though, often feel more judged than loved.

Here’s an excerpt of Rapzilla’s interview Customary about the album he released on August 5th.

David Daniels: What is the concept of Compassion?

Customary: It’s really just based off the gospel. Jesus said to love God and love others. The story of Jesus is the most compassionate story ever—he would love his people that much to be willing to die for them. Instead of being prideful in our ideas, theologies, views and opinions, why don’t we just show compassion to each other?

DD: Do you see a lot of pride in theology and opinion in Christian hip hop?

C: I don’t see a lot of it in Christian hip hop. I see it in different churches. I’ve grown up in church. I’ve seen a youth pastor get fired because he had a different view on being fully immersed when you’re baptized and whether that gets you into Heaven or not. People are just really opinionated, and I think that causes separation between Christians and non-Christians.

Customary shared stories of a lack of compassion on the first track of his album.

DD: Compassion is a pretty universal characteristic. Do you think your album has a broader reach because of the topic?

C: Yeah, I think it can definitely reach outside of the hip-hop circle. I love hip hop, but I hope to have a message that is still appealing to people who don’t listen to hip hop. I also don’t want to target it just toward a Christian audience either. I think people who view Christians as judgmental also need to be compassionate toward Christians. We’re people. We’re humans. We mess up. This idea of being compassionate goes both ways.

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