A 25-year-old KB had everything to lose: a wife, dreams of children, a promising hip-hop career. At Legacy Conference 2014, KB talked to us about when possibility of losing everything became a reality when his church planned a mission trip to Liberia in 2013. His pastor made sure church members were aware of this. They watched a documentary which detailed Liberia’s civil war a decade prior that was plagued by cannibalism, human sacrifice and use of child soldiers.

“If we’re not willing to die,” said the pastor, “then we should not go on this trip because these people aren’t going to be reached if were aren’t all in. We have to put ourselves in the way of risk or we won’t do real gospel ministry.”

“Well, I guess I’m not going,” thought KB.

After all, why would he go with so much at stake?

He answered this question in the coming days with a change of heart.

“If what I’m talking about is worth giving your life for,” said KB, “I need to not count my life so preciously that I’m not willing to lose it if it means God will be glorified.”

KB lived. And this mindset molded by the trip shaped his EP which dropped this year, 100.

On the song by the same name, KB rapped the following bars.

“I don’t want no new Bugatti/Put me in Nimba County/Liberia, I’m serious/Mosquito net and my Bible/Concrete bed I’m still smiling/Ain’t eating much, but I’m smiling/I’d rather be in the jungle in the will of God/Then anywhere else outside it.”

KB literally slept on a concrete bed in a Liberian dungeon. A mosquito net protected him from insects, but not the other wild animals and what he thought were witchcraft rituals that he heard in the jungle. Hungry and uncomfortable, KB still embraced the moment because he knew he had obeyed God.

KB’s church plans on planting 30 churches in Liberia. He expects to return in 2015 and release his next album in the first quarter of next year.

This week KB premiered a new song entitled “Silver and Gold” with Rapzilla.com. You can download it free, here.

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David Daniels is a writer for Rapzilla.com. He graduated from Geneva College and lives in Pittsburgh. Follow him on @Twitter.