“I would rather have Jesus than Silver and Gold,” this statement was uttered in Kirk Franklin and the Family’s song “Silver and Gold.” Tampa powerhouse KB tackles this statement with his own rendition called “Silver and Gold.” Those familiar with the previous version will recognize the intro right away, KB rhymes reflectively, over a hypnotizing beat, about growing up without money, buying a house for his bride and ponders when he had an apartment “with no power in it”.

On the second verse we find KB rhyming about a woman who seems to have it all, she works on Wall Street and Christ has broken here. Instead of hoarding her riches here on earth she donates “to the mission on the block.”

KB concludes the track with a powerful third verse that examines the rich, and how they tend to be more suicidal. KB is suggesting that he would rather have Jesus than Silver and Gold.


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Patrick is a connoisseur of fine music, a MBA graduate, a loving husband and father to a curious son. Follow Patrick on Twitter at @PtheWyse.