In September, Canon will release an EP titled Loose Canon Vol. 2, the sequel to an EP that he dropped before his debut album Mad Haven.

Features on the project will include his Reflection Music Group label mate Derek Minor, as well as Social Club and Reconcile. Here’s a breakdown of the eight songs on LCV2.

“Go Off”
This is the intro to LCV2, and it will start the EP off with a bang. Canon’s celebrated rapid-fire delivery will be on display. His message to listeners on the song will be that he doesn’t rap fast for the sake of competition.

“We do it for the sake of the art,” Canon told Rapzilla.
Canon credits his Chicago roots, also home to legendary chopper Twista, for his rapping style.

As the title of the song suggests, Canon shares where he finds his motivation. Sometimes that’s when he hears great music by other artists. Other times it’s when he hears doubts, whether they be about his ability or RMG.

“Sometimes it’s been hard to gain real respect in the Christian hip-hop industry with our label,” said Canon. “Y’all must think we can’t accomplish great things without being associated with a certain label. That’s cool, because we’re going to prove y’all jokers wrong.”

Canon referenced when fans have said that he should be on Reach Records or Derek Minor shouldn’t have left Reach. But more than doubters, Canon is motivated by a desire to change lives.

“I’m Tripping”
This song is a tongue-in-cheek response to critics of Christians, such as Lecrae—who Canon has served as a hype man for—that associate themselves with non-Christians.

“If Crae is going out and he’s been in relationships with Kendrick Lamar and other mainstream rappers for the sake of them getting the gospel because they have a trusted relationship where he can speak life into them, I guess he’s tripping,” laughed Canon. “But Jesus did the same thing.”

Canon won’t be phased by criticism if his “tripping” is being missional.

“Point of View” and “Dreams”
Canon shared the concept of these two songs together. They touch on police brutality and racial profiling.

“I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten pulled over by police officers,” said Canon. “People see me with tattoos, my hat cocked, baggy jeans and think I must be up to no good.”

Canon isn’t a criminal, but he’s had his car searched repeatedly. When it comes to police brutality, he referenced the most recent tragedy in St. Louis to make national news, an officer killing unarmed 18-year-old Michael Brown. Canon knows there are many police who uphold the law, but he said the ones who don’t make victims think twice about calling 911.

“When you have people who trust you, yet you can’t be trusted by your actions,” Canon said, it creates fear.

“Common Sense”
Canon admitted that the path he’s taken in life, like not finishing college, isn’t described by those around him as “common sense.” But he believes traditional common sense doesn’t necessarily correspond with God’s calling for people.

“What if God has a different plan for you?” said Canon. “No matter how much you try, that’s not how God sets your life up. Does that say God no longer is common sense? What if sense was no longer common?”

The song is about making decisions based on what God wants rather than people.

“Put Me On”
“’Put Me On’ is on two ends,” said Canon, “Christians not necessarily knowing culture outside of their own and non-Christians not knowing Christian culture.”

The song will feature Derek Minor and Reconcile. The trio will share with both audiences perspective that the other may not be familiar with.

“Reach Into the Night”
Night is a metaphor for darkness, as in sin. The song describes Jesus, light, illuminating the darkness. It’s part of the reason why RMG is using the hashtag #LightenUp on social media.

“It’s that mind-blowing reality that Jesus had to step down and reach into our lives,” said Canon. “We couldn’t do anything but sit just there and he change everything that’s in us.”

Stay tuned for more coverage of LCV2.

David Daniels is a writer for He graduated from Geneva College and lives in Pittsburgh. Follow him on Twitter.