Witness to release ‘Leading While Bleeding’ album in 2014

Chicago rapper Witness known for his in-depth lyricism and heartfelt story telling material is set to release an EP entitled Leading While Bleeding fall of 2014. The highly anticipated project will be his first of two EPs to be released independently. The EP features guest appearances from Json, SKRIP, Hillu Hillyana and many more. Production credits include Grammy-Nominated Rey King, Sinima Beats, KIDD, Steve-T and Hollywood Legend.

The Leading While Bleeding record will give fans a glance at the struggles, failures and victories that surrounded this Chicago emcee. This record will be a transparent window into Witness’s life. With his incredible metaphors, unconventional delivery laced with an assortment of hard hitting, heart pulling instrumentation, Witness promises that this will be a record that will touch the inner-most parts of our hearts and if nothing else, will showcase that in order to Lead sometimes it will cause us to Bleed inspired by “Leading While Bleeding” a book penned by his father, Witness promises that this will be his best project to date.

“I am super excited about this project and I can’t wait to share my heart with everyone who is willing to listen”, said Witness. “With my first album I want to establish myself as an emcee and lyricist so that once I started working on other types of music, my craft couldn’t be called into question. You can expect the same type of transparency you felt and heard form my first album, but I plan on going even deeper with the stories I plan on sharing through my music. When I was working on GOD IS GOOD, I was trying to communicate via the production, the lyrics and the album cover that even though we have all of this evilness, danger, malice and sin around us God is still Good in the mist of everything this fallen world brings us, but Leading While Bleeding is a totally different animal”.

“Since you last heard from me my life has become a whirlwind of sorts”, Witness says “In this last year alone I have experienced pain, rejection, fear, sorrow, death, joy, love, hate and betrayal, and I want to share that with anyone who is willing to listen! The facade that LEADING would mean less hurting is something I aim to destroy with this next project”,

“…and you will be hated by all for my name’s sake. But the one who endures to the end will be saved”, Matthew 10:22”.

“I wanted to provide the listener with my personal story and how becoming a leader whether it is in your home, at your job, at your church or in your school can be a painful process but the end result is so worth it”, says Witness.

Sonically, Leading While Bleeding will be different than any other project Witness has ever put out. From the beat selections, to the writing sessions, to the delivery, Witness is excited to share his new music with anyone who is willing to listen!

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