Interview: Get to Know HillaryJane

Rapzilla recently interviewed HillaryJane about her upcoming EP Stix and Stones releasing July 29th, signing with Infiltrate Music and more.

Stix and Stones will drop on July 29. Infiltrate has released two singles off the project, “Chimneys” and “Wild Side.” HillaryJane explained that concept of both songs in the interview. “Wild Side” was inspired by non-Christians thinking that surrendering their lives to become a Christian is too risky.

“I know my God is real. I know my God is true,” she said. “So I guess if you think it’s dangerous, I like it on the wild side. I’ll take that dangerous route.”

808xELiTE produced “Wild Side” and six of the seven songs on the EP.

HillaryJane also told Rapzilla about how she started singing. She actually started rapping. There are hip-hop elements on “Chimneys” and Wild Side.”

However, despite limited singing experience, she quickly became a worship leader at her church after dedicating her life to Christ. Signing to Infiltrate years later as a singer, given those circumstances, surprises her to this day.

“It’s still mind-boggling to me,” she said.

Pre-order on iTunes to get Stix and Stones for the discounted price of $4.99 and get “Wild Side” & “Chimneys” immediately.


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