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Listening Session: Customary ‘Compassion’

Listening Session: Customary ‘Compassion’

Jesus did not come to condemn the world, but to save it. Jesus was the most compassionate person to ever live. So as “Christians,” we should not condemn the world based on our prideful opinions, but instead, love our neighbors and care for them, just as much as we love and care for ourselves and our own well being. If we say we are “Christians,” we should be able and willing to show compassion in the same way that Jesus did. Christianity is not about being perfect, or being prideful in our theology. God knows best, not us. Christianity is grace and compassion that is beyond our comprehension. Stop being prideful, start showing compassion.

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1. Compassion
2. Fear
3. Room To Grow ft. Bobby Bishop
4. All I Wanna Know ft. Dom
5. More Than Words
6. Gates Of Heaven
7. Hanging On
8. Everything Will Be Alright ft. Dom
9. Be The First
10. Left With Nothing
11. He Dont Love Ya feat. Dom
12. What’s The Point
13. People Get Ready
14. Thankful feat. P. Dirt & Dom
*All tracks produced by Customary


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