Th3 Saga Brings The Gospel to the Battle Rap Scene

Th3 Saga (left) battles Notic Da Boss at Battle Another Rapper Showcase. Th3 Saga has been battling since 2012 on multiple stages including URL.

Luis Daniel Lebron is a rapper/singer/songwriter who is originally from and grew up in Brooklyn with his two brothers, mother, and father. Luis, who goes by Th3 Saga, isn’t your typical rapper. He is a battle rapper, but not just any battle rapper. Th3 Saga openly rhymes about his relationship with God and his faith in Jesus.

Th3 Saga began battling in 2012 at the Battle Another Rapper Showcase, and has since then rapped in 5 battles. He has competed on world famous stages like the Ultimate Rap League battling some of the most skilled emcees in the world. Don’t be fooled. Th3 Saga is no corny Christian on the mic. In the 5 battles he has competed in he is sitting with a record of 5-0.

Battle rap is aggressive and the goal is to tear up the person standing across you as badly as possible with punchlines and lyrical skill.

“Of course in a battle, your opponent looks for an angle to attack you”, said Th3 Saga.

Th3 Saga has made it a point to show everyone he comes into contact with on the battle scene who he ultimately serves. “They see that I’m constantly reppin’ Christ and use that as their angle to win the battle”, said Th3 Saga.

Notic Da Boss in his recent battle with Th3 Saga said, “If you got your dogs with you I’ve got a pound for each.”

Th3 Saga snapped back when he said, “How could you be a role model for your son when you live a life you shouldn’t follow.”

Both battlers go back and forth until the battle ends. The lyrical volleying between rappers provides Th3 Saga with the chance to bring glory to God by illustrating, with metaphors, how guns, drugs, and money will not bring the other rapper happiness, the loving God will. He speaks with skill and efficiency in a language that everyone can understand, utilizing a unique platform for the Gospel.

“To come into a room of nonbelievers & proclaim Christ through punchlines and metaphors while the crowd went crazy, was like none other”, said Th3 Saga.

Th3 Saga stepped on stage on June 8 for the Ultimate Rap League’s Proving Grounds Battle and released a free project called L.O.N.E.R. in August of last year. The battle season continues and with it comes new battles and new opportunities for Th3 Saga to show off his skills and the message of Jesus Christ. Watch the battle between Th3 Saga and Notic da Boss, but beware Notic da Boss does cuss:

Favorite line: “That Samuel from Pulp Fiction is what I will do, that only means you’ll get a verse from God before I kill you!”

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