MC Jin – Busta Rhymes

Produced by J-Hyphen and Chikotiqmusic of The Formula

MC Jin shares, As the saying goes, “The higher you fly, the harder you fall”. Faced with the complex inner workings of the music industry and the unexpected pressures of being touted as “the first signed Asian American solo rapper”, things started unraveling right before my eyes. With record sales not being astronomical as projected and expected, what was supposed to be my moment of glory ended up being more of a reality check. From parting ways with my label to losing battles left and right, it seemed like my “15 minutes” were indeed winding down.

“These past few weeks have been really exciting and encouraging, seeing the response for the pre-sale of my upcoming “14:59″ album. I’ve been in the studio recording, channeling that excitement and have been super inspired. It was during one of these late night sessions that the Busta Rhymes track came to life. Lyrically, visually and energy wise, nobody does it like the dungeon dragon. He still is and will always be a leader of the new school. Being a student of the game, it only felt right to pay homage to one of the legends. At the same time, dropping this track was a way to show love to all those who are on the #journeyto1459 with me!”

As the 10th anniversary of his first English album released via Ruff Ryders nears, MC Jin will release a highly anticipated collection of songs called “14:59” on October 19th, 2014. “I wholeheartedly believe “14:59” is the album I was born to make. Every thing that I have experienced leading up to this moment has set the stage for this project. It may not be my final chance to leave my mark as an artist, but I am approaching it like it could be and that is the heart of this album. “

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Chad Horton

Written by Chad Horton

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