A musical duo with a unique hip hop style merges with the surf culture of South Beach to launch the new group Surf Gvng (pronounced gang), which is formerly KYMG.

“Surf Gvng was formed to inspire you to be you. The ‘You’ that God created you to be. Many times we hide behind social media using it to appear as someone we really aren’t. Surf to find YOU the real you, which can only be found in Christ,” said Joel “Certi5d” Davis, one-half of the Christian hip hop duo.

The other half of the duo is Jerome “Wolf” Nelson, of Bahamian-Haitian parentage, yet born and raised in Miami, Fl. Wolf is currently a servant leader at Trinity Church, one of Miami’s most progressive churches.

Living by the vision set out in Proverbs 2:11, the two plan to kick off Surf Gvng Beach Ministries where they will ride long boards on the beach in outreach with a local church and another ministry organization, allowing youth groups to experience evangelism and and discipleship.

While they release their new self-titled EP this summer, their first single, “Bang Dis has already received great acclaim — 17,000 plays in 1 week on Rapzilla.