808xELiTE looks to be back at it again as 2 Chainz released his latest mixtape, Freebase today and 808xELiTE & Street Symphony are credited with producing track 2 entitled “Trap Back”.

808xELiTE is made up of Tyshane Thompson aka ELiTE (the 18 year old son to Reggae pioneer Papa San) & Matt Massaro aka 808. The duo have produced numerous noteable tracks together as well as individually. Noteables include Andy Mineo’s “Young” (Tyshane Thompson) & “Michael Jackson” (808xElite), Lecrae’s “Black Rose”, “Violence”, & “Co-Sign Pt. 2” (808xELiTE & Street Symphony), and more.

A visual for the the song will premiere tomorrow on MTV Rap Fix as well.

Make sure you check out their Rapzilla Exclusive beat tape Diamonds X Pearls while you are here.

While we don’t condone or support 2 Chainz content, we definitely want to support and celebrate advancements on the business side, and hope that ministry was able to take place behind the scene’s.