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Free Download: Viktory – Black & White (Draft Day Verse) Part 1

Free Download: Viktory – Black & White (Draft Day Verse) Part 1

On the track “Black and White (Draft Day Verse) Part 1” Viktory takes a moment to start the discussion about racial differences in Christian Music as a whole. Through creative lyricism Viktory highlights a few realities of this terrain. “This is a taboo subject, but a necessary dialogue.”, Viktory states.


Lyrics commentary provided by Viktory

Draft Day Johnny Manziel / Growing Steadily, Despite Mans will / Deep in the trenches, God the engine I don’t need your henchmen //

[Viktory totally trusts God to propel him in life and ministry and doesn’t rely on outside sources ]

Complete the vision, speak to listen, what defeats a Christian? Self. / Who cares what the others say / This game ain’t color safe /

[A reference to the racial differences in Christian music, as well as Color safe bleach ]

I bleach brains Shout! to Cray /

[Viktorys music has a bleaching effect on the mind of it’s listeners for God, he also references Shout! Bleach when talking about “Cray” which refers to Lecrae’s nick name as well as Crayons which are a major reason for the need for bleach. Also commending Lecrae for transcending the racial barriers of Christian Music]

Ola, and I really mean the Crayons / Im stickin to the game like summer day in RAYON /

[Rayon is a silk fabric that when worn in heat does little to prevent sweating causing it to stick to the skin ]

Stick to ya body /

[Explicitly describing what Rayon does in Heat simultaneously encouraging to remain engaged in their local community Church (the body of Christ) ]

I guess it’s just a hobby / Christian Rap is really here to watch the World and make a copy /

[Chastising the entire genre for mimicking secular artists sound, swag, look and being the “Christian version of this artist or that artist” ]

ALT – DELETE, It’s a Jam in the Key /

[“ALT – DELETE” means to get rid of, or move away from copying the personality of secular artists]

[“It’s a Jam in the Key” references basketball, the easiest way to score is in the “Paint” or “Key”, CHH Artist are overusing the easy way to get fans and sell records. Also a play on words with the “Copy, ALT+Delete” reference in the previous line referring to a “Key”board jamming from pressing those keys]

We can prolly touch the streets if everybody would Reach /

[If Artist get out of their comfort zone or “reach” we could be more effective reaching the world with our music, also a play on words referencing “Reach Records”]

Get it? The flow don’t have a limit / 2 AM on the track I am poorly bar (con) tended /

[“They flow don’t have a limit” talks about Viktory being able to rap in various styles endlessly, also speaks to being at a bar late night taking too many shots and your bar tender doesn’t stop you from drinking. In most bars, the bar tender will intervene and impose a “limit” if he think’s you’ve had one too many. Poorly Bar-Tended also means there aren’t many that successfully contend with the lyricism found in Viktory’s bars]

See i’m changing the game with no amendment / If they askin who the best Social Club can forget it /

[Social Clubs tag line has been “Social Club is the best” Viktory jabs at this with this line]

That’s just a line, so marty do be offended / Let it slide (like) eight inning, base bang base hittin /

[He asks Marty of Social Club to let the jab of the previous line “Slide” like a runner attempting to safely secure a base. Leading to the reference to both baseball and loud music “Bass Bang. Bass/Base Hitting”]

[Note: Viktory & Marty share mutual respect these lyrics are all in fun. Viktory stands in 100% support of Marty and the Social Club movement]

Andy and Marty are black but light skinneded / and I put a million on it they marrying white women /

[“Andy and Marty are black” Two white guys doing real Hip Hop, which is traditionally a black art form.]

And these Hard Christian rappers that were born in the bricks / Say if this don’t work, I’ll do a DUB STEP remix / If not that, get somebody white on the hook / or I 2 chains the game and teach the World how to cook /

[Secular rapper 2 Chains released a recipe book with his latest album]

I’m still coming, i’m the rap game phil drummond /

[Phil Drummond played the “Father” on the late TV Show Different Strokes. He was the noble father that raised 2 black boys in a white family. Referencing the racial differences in CHH as well as Viktory’s veteran lyricism, referring to himself as “Father”.]

To keep it real I don’t feel nothin / Cuz you still frontin, and that’s why I’m about to blow by / Cuz you know that you can’t hang, call it bow tie I’m knee deep, I’m playin for keeps / while kids die in the streets / we watchin retweets /

I had to do it to ya X4

So dont ask me mayne is anybody better/
cuz im more serious than anybody ever/
Plus I represent the people like a afro /
This flow is light work like you’re at a toby mac show /
If we want a bigger stage more to say /
Then why is everybody taking shots a poor Lecrae? /
Even if you’re confused by the rhythm of his moves /
I suggest that you resume, stead of waiting till he lose /
With your support, but this ain’t my place /
June 10th Cop It, we’ll do things my way /


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