When someone first played “Uno Uno Seis” for me I was expecting some Spanish verses or words from my non Latino bro’s. So I thought about a remix to add some Puerto-Rican juice to mix in some authentic. Alcapurria.

I think the best way to go about remixes is creating a sound that brings about a very different feeling than the original mix. I decided to darken the track a little and ixnay the cool dance feel by making it a grimy mid-anthem sound, and keeping it simple. I love gritty synths so I laced the foundation with them and wanted to have a rugged retro drum to compliment them. A lot of records are over produced and sound like they are all related so I wanted to keep this a part from that, having bass but not the same style of bass we’re used to.

I didn’t find many changes necessary to this particular remix just a steady head knocker with subtle Spanish percussion and a bounce throughout. For the ending I decided to keep it within the Latino vein, and played some basic alsa to dab some adobo on it some more, which I originally did as a joke but decided to keep it. Since I also rap and sing whenever I do a remix I always add a 12/16 bar verse in it-so I quickly wrote a Spanglish verse with a Spanish opener and gave my city Chicago a little love!

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