Marz Ferrer

Gabriel Ramirez, Manny Ferrer, Mic.O, Marz Ferrer

I chose to remix “Caught Dreaming” because I resonated with the vulnerability of Andy’s Lyrics. The candid overtone of his words Inspired me to check the motives of my heart and encouraged me to strive for a more intimate relationship with God.

Sonically we aimed to capture the “awe” of the emotions of the music. We chose an ethereal overtone for the production of the song which we felt would best create a dreamy landscape for my vocals. We went with a slightly darker four chord progression using an atmospheric piano sound that instantly solidified the emotion we desired to capture. We let strings dictate the majestic tone as well as some orchestral brass elements. We also decided to maintain the hip-hop vibe of the track through the sampling of the original chorus as well as the drum selection. As in most of my music, we wanted to introduce exotic eastern world sounding elements to create an almost in-toxic atmosphere which we felt added eclectic originality. Lastly we decided to extend the bridge which culminates into a variation of the chorus. We had so much fun creating the song and we are overwhelmed by the response to it.

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