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I chose the track “Cocky” cause it was one of my favorites on the album, mainly because it was the verses he spit on the underground cypher video from YouTube. I felt like it just needed to be on a beat like it was when I first heard it, so I made one. I went digging for a sample and I found the perfect one, then I took Andy’s intro from one of the cypher videos and the outro as well – I wanted the listener to have the same feel they got when listening to the original video of the cypher. I also wanted to incorporate the New York rawness to it, whether it was the hi hats, snare, or kick – I wanted everything to sound like I was in New York, on a street corner, with an MPC, surrounded by dudes who wanna do a cypher.

The track “Curious” was predestined, LOL. But seriously, I was just in the studio one day listening to that Rihanna song “Stay” cause I really enjoy the musicality of that song. I thought to myself “How could I redeem this?” I started to chop up the song and put pieces together to build a beat, it wasn’t until I started messing with the pitch that I realized I hit a key that was in the same key of “Curious”. Not to mention that the lyrics that I chopped were hitting on the same thing, especially the chorus. It all just started to come alive on its own, I knew I had something, and I was just praising God as it was happening.

The tracks I chose both have something in common, they’re both something I wanted to hear. I like to make music that I want to hear, I get tired of listening to the same stuff all the time so I like to explore music and break any limits or boundaries that I think I might have. Thats why you hear “Cocky” as an East Coast boom bap feel and “Curious” as a mainstream radio type feel.

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