D. Tropp Reveals Artwork & Tracklisting for Away from Home

D. Tropp, one of the 2014 Freshmen, is set to release his album Away from Home is set to release on May 13th

1. United Center [Produced by Swade & Christian Sager]
2. The Drive (ft. Elhae) [Produced by Cardec Drums]
3. No Filter (ft. ABIV & John Givez) [Produced by DZL]
4. Authentic [Produced by Black Knight]
5. Choices (The Break-Up) [Produced by Tyshane]
6. Said & Done [Produced by DZL]
7. Champagne Showers [Produced by DZL]
8. Misbehave (ft. SPZRKT) [Produced by Cardec Drums & Tyshane]
9. For The Moment [Produced by Rey King]
10. Away From Home [Produced by Cardec Drums]

Pre-Order the album on iTunes.


Written by Vincent Nyamu

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