D. Tropp, one of the 2014 Freshmen, is set to release his album Away from Home is set to release on May 13th

1. United Center [Produced by Swade & Christian Sager]
2. The Drive (ft. Elhae) [Produced by Cardec Drums]
3. No Filter (ft. ABIV & John Givez) [Produced by DZL]
4. Authentic [Produced by Black Knight]
5. Choices (The Break-Up) [Produced by Tyshane]
6. Said & Done [Produced by DZL]
7. Champagne Showers [Produced by DZL]
8. Misbehave (ft. SPZRKT) [Produced by Cardec Drums & Tyshane]
9. For The Moment [Produced by Rey King]
10. Away From Home [Produced by Cardec Drums]

Pre-Order the album on iTunes.