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Video: Capo Di Capi – Nur bei Dir (Only with you)


Lyrics translation:

Yo, Lord, past days, i haven’t talked to you much,
didn’t focused on what truly matters
My flesh dominated my spirit
instead of reading my Bible i watched stupid shows on TV
and go out, blow out the smoke like a chimney
feeling weak and react impulsive
buying late liquor at the next gas station
and write Raps but my mind is locked up
nothing flows out, i don’t have the right ideas
and that keeps me down like my voice broke
i cant see clear, like through dirty windows
cant sleep cause of fear and frightening ghosts
its scary what happens if i don’t feed my spirit
with thy word on a regular basis.
I loose the focus do everything what keeps me away.
but it doesn’t really feed me like fast food
I have to come back to you, back to my first love.
Only you can give me what the world can’t
You fill my heart with peace, change my perspective on live
with only one verse in the bible, Lord, forgive me, cause i know…


In you, man finds what he needs,
when he believes with all of his heart ( i sing)
In you, there is real peace and comfort
You make the man free from his sorrows
and you give him love instead of pain, forgives and cleanses him.
Only with you (oh Lord), Only with you.


Lord, i know that you love me, can you confirm this?
You gave me great plans, can you enable me?
Im on my way but want to do this and that
quit often digital media distracts me
Checking mails, writing mails, checking them again
forwarding them, but i don’t take time to write a message to you
instead looking for solutions in prayer
i loose lots of time hanging on facebook
But i know i shut down my laptop
experience Jesus through prayer and make a track of it
get goosebumps, through transparent flows
i rap, even though my album doesn’t sell well
i love you, cause you forgive me every time
you refresh my spirit through the holy ghost
the wind sets my sails, takes me to your presence
you are my guidance, through which i found eternal live


And every day i seek you to take comfort in your arms.
To fall into your arms, and to stand up again.
With you i can refuel cause you give me strength to live
you don’t have any complains or judging me
instead never ending grace, no disaster will happen to me
cause you keep me away from it.
I feel your blessing, cause your always there for me

Bridge (2x)

No mountain is to high,
no ocean to deep for me,
as long as you reign in me( yeah)
No Pain can hold me down
cause your work is done (hey)
Spun my wings and feel free when im with you.
I feel free when im with you
with you
Only with you, only with you


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