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Vaughaligan Walwyn (fka Von Won) Set to Release ‘Grace Still Abides’ April 8



There are few truly unique stories in rap music any more but the life of Houston artist-turned-Pastor-turned-artist, Vaughaligan (Va-ha-li-gan) Walwyn, would definitely be an exception. Yes, there are the almost requisite tales of the drug life, and attempts at redemption through music but Vaughaligan’s road begins with an athletic scholarship to Houston’s Rice University, having moved to the city at a young age from St. Croix in the US Virgin Islands. Although he was always active in music through his church, it was his track skills that really enabled Vaughaligan to shine. Whilst at Rice University Vaughaligan became an All-American long jumper, breaking the US Virgin Islands long jump record with a leap of 26 feet and 1 inch. His Olympic dreams were derailed however by a career-ending knee injury and it was during his recovery that he took full refuge in music. Although he graduated with a Bachelors in History, Vaughaligan began pursuing a full time music career in earnest.

Surrounded by the destructive lifestyle that his rap associations brought to his inner circle, it was easy for Vaughaligan to emerse himself in that world upon discovering that his father was dying of AIDS. Hard drugs washed down with plenty of alcohol and partying to mask his ever-growing depression became a way of life. In fact, it almost ended his life, when an altercation with Houston’s finest included being beaten and tased almost to death as the grand finale to one such party.

It was the wake-up call Vaughaligan needed and the catalyst that moved his life in an entirely new direction. Today Vaughaligan Walwyn, is a proud husband, father, inspirational recording artist, powerful motivational speaker and the pastor of the CT| Legacy Church on the Southeast side of Houston, only minutes away from the neighborhood that he grew up in. He continues to be an active and inspiring member of the community, helping others through his music and guidance but his music has taken on a new sound; he has devoted his life to encourage others to live righteously, which is clearly reflected in his captivating lyrics.

Now Vaughaligan is reaching out with his inspiring campaign, ‘Grace Still Abides’, which is coming to life as a three part media series. Part one will be the release of his solo debut entitled “Grace Still Abides,” a spiritual and moving album featuring Lil Keke, Big Pokey, Baby Bash, Propain, Paul Wall, Lil Flip, Scarface, Brian Angel, Mike Jones, Bun B and Z-Ro. The project is being released through Vaughaligan’s own music company, Nu Season, has a street date of April 8th.

Part two of the series involves the release of Vaughaligan’s of the same title, a semi-biographical story to be followed by a shocking film with a compelling story about salvation and forgiveness. Vaughaligan is hoping to reach out to humanity the only way he knows, through various mediums, in an attempt to inspire and bring peace to anyone who is willing to listen.

Click here to watch his music video Grace Still Abides ft. Scarface


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