Thi’sl Reveals Fallen King Album Cover

Full Ride Music’s Thi’sl is set to release his fifth studio album ‘Fallen King’ May 6, 2014. Chock-full of up tempo bangers and pensive music that challenges the status-quo, ‘Fallen King’ addresses cultural complexities, religion, and identity through Hip Hop.

Listeners can look for surprise features, and a reunion of Thi’sl, Flame, and JSon all on one track.

“Claiming to be a king is popular today. Our world has seen many great kings, but the greatest of them all were fallen creatures who needed Jesus,” Thi’sl said. The debut single ‘King Without a Crown’ is available on iTunes here. For more details about the album as well as a behind the scenes look, click here

Pre-order Fallen King on iTunes now.


Written by Vincent Nyamu

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