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Steve and Nonna Towns’ Tragic Loss


Recently, members of the Christian Hip Hop community have been reminded of the frailty of human life. One such reminder is the sudden and tragic death of two of Steve and Nonna Towns three children in a St. Louis house fire on Saturday, February 10th. Steve (better known as producer “Steve-T”) and Nonna also sustained substantial injuries after escaping the burning house with their four-month old daughter. The devastating news was covered by much of the local media. Steve is best known for producing music for Flame, JSon, Fedel and others in the genre, and Nonna is signed to Thisl’s Full Ride Music Label. The couple has remained rooted in the glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ during this time, selflessly using their pain for the exaltation of God even in the midst of suffering.

It’s easy to hear of a tragedy like this and pay “lip service” to our sympathy. But as members of the Body of Christ, we are not called to simply retweet a link or like a Facebook status with when we see a need such as this. We are commissioned by God to display Gospel-centered empathy and hold up our brothers and sisters arms when they are too weak to lift them, “bearing” their burdens as Galatians 6 so vividly illustrates. Our community must act to tangibly demonstrate their love and care for the Steve and Nonna’s family. As both are full-time musicians with substantial injury recovery time and destroyed equipment, they need financial assistance to sustain their family’s finances for the next 6-12 months. By visiting this link https://fundrazr.com/campaigns/9hG5b, you can be the “hands and feet” of Christ to a hurting family in need of love from the Body of Christ. Please continue to keep Steve and Nonna in your prayers as they recover and raise their daughter.


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