Social Club to Release Misfits 2 on April 29th

Social Club’s meteoric rise to Christian Hip Hop prominence has been nothing short of amazing. The dynamic duo of melodic emcee Marty Mar and smooth punchline specialist Fernie have captivated a generation of peculiar young people they affectionately call Misfits. After rabid reception to their previous projects, the Misfit Gang is releasing their official sophomore project Misfits 2 on April 29th.

The quote king himself Marty Mar spent some time with Rapzilla recently to give us an exclusive sneak peak into their upcoming album. “Basically, every project we do is a glimpse into our lives and the relationship that we have with God.” Marty explained. “And since we’re growing with our fan base, this project is definitely a little bit more mature.” Followers who have become accustomed to Marty’s signature opening quips and unashamed awkwardness may gasp at the sound of a more serious project, but never fear. “Nothing is calm. It’s still crazy and ridiculously fun…we’re never going to censor ourselves.” *Fans breathe a sigh of relief*

Social Club routinely brings a powerful posse of artist features, and Misfits 2 is assuredly no different. The album will feature Reach Records phenom Andy Mineo, rising crooner Marz, singer-songwriter Chris Batson and many more, displaying the growth of the misfit movement. The promise of more maturity proved true when Marty was kind enough to let us preview the song “Awkward Part 2” featuring West Coast singer ABIV. The track, a sequel from a track on SPZRKT’s project The Loner, is a buttery blend of soulful singing mixed with Marty’s signature sing-song delivery. He accurately describes the track as “super social club” and promised much more when the album drops. The project feels like the “Misfit Manifesto”, a full look at how unique Christ-followers think, act, react and live their lives.

In sports analysis, a common adage used to gauge the highest level of performance any given team or player can achieve is “How ‘good’ is your good?” In other words, when you’re on top of your game, are you Lebron or Larry Johnson? Are you Peyton Manning or Chad Pennington? Analysts use this subjective litmus test to determine an athlete’s true capability. Some have asserted that Social Club’s frenetic style and adolescent appeal are less artistically “good” than Christian Hip Hop’s more stereotypical lyrical offerings. But when asked if their expectations were set for high chart positions and critical acclaim, Marty response was matter of fact: “We honestly don’t care. The specific goal is to reach these kids. If we chart high and thats the end of it; we lose.” And if their current career track is any indication, one thing is crystal clear: Social Club and their movement of misfits don’t accept losing. If transformed testimonies, changed lives and impacted young people are the true litmus test; then on April 29th, the Social Club is poised to answer “How ‘good’ is your good?” in the only appropriate way they know how: Social Club is the best.


Written by Tyler Burns

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