In Miami, FL there is a label that is working hard and doing things the right way. Very few know who they are, but they have a rising artist named Serge. Slated to release his debut mixtape, Off Season on May 13th, exclusively on

This 2014 Rapzilla Freshman is expected to make quite an impression on Christian Hip Hop. Serge was a prominent feature on Authentik’s Groans Before Glory album, and in 2013 he competed in Rapzilla’s 16 Bar Challenge at the Legacy Conference, which showcased his talents to some of Christian Hip Hop’s elite. Since then he has gained positive exposure and has worked with some of the best in the industry as of late. Serge has been featured on Json’s Braille and FLAME’s Royal Flush, but he has also collaborated with Sho Baraka, Benjah, and label mate Oscar Urbina, just to name a few.

The triple threat rapper/producer/songwriter is due to set the pace with his first solo project off of his upcoming mixtape Off Season. His first single is due to be released on April 1st and just gives a glimpse of Serge’s creativity and what his mixtape entails as a whole.