D-Tropp to Release Debut Album ‘Away From Home’ on May 13

Artists are often applauded for their authenticity and transparency, merging their flawed lives with their artistic gifts. While that process can be searingly painful for the creator, the recipients of the creation often receive the necessary strength to work out their own shortcomings. After a personally tumultuous 2013, D-Tropp has created such a moment with his upcoming album Away From Home. Catapulted by a few well-placed songs and features as well as a recent spot on Rapzilla’s 2014 Freshmen list, D-Tropp is eager to expose his life to the masses. The artist’s debut full-length album will be released on May 13 for the world to experience his personal journey first hand.

“When we accept Christ into our hearts, we belong to Him. He becomes our home,” Tropp told Rapzilla. “During my depression, I ran from Him instead of running toward Him.” His unflinching willingness to bare his personal scars for the sake of others is displayed in the project’s weighty content, following the example of his career’s signature record “Misbehave” featuring SPZRKT. Living life as an adopted son in a white family, struggling with besetting sins and recovering from betrayal are all openly covered, a concept many will find dangerous. The artist himself disagrees. “I want to share real stories with the world because I believe it will be beneficial.”

While the content of the album itself is darker, the sound is consistently up-tempo, with production assists from recognizable CHH and mainstream names including DZL (Lecrae’s “Lost My Way”), Cardec Drums, Tyshane and others. Desiring to create a new lane with a stronger sound to match his authenticity, the singer/rapper will begin his re-introduction with the album’s first single “The Drive” featuring Ehlae on March 17. While his life may have taken an unexpected detour, D-Tropp is back home. And he’s hoping that his music will lead others to the same place.

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Written by Jalil Brooks

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