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Christon Gray Making of ‘School of Roses’ Part IV


The 4th episode of the behind-the-scenes look at the making of Christon Gray’s debut release with Collision Records, “School Of Roses.” Set to release March 25th. Christon Gray wraps up the album and not only do we get to see the creative process but we also get to hear his heart behind album. We are definitely more than excited to hear the final product. .

Life tends to school all of us as it teaches us lessons that we can only learn through our own set of personal experiences. School of Roses is that set of personal experiences for Christon Gray, offering a translucent album of ups and downs in his pursuit of Jesus—no filters, no masks. Christon Gray leads us on the emotional trail that shows his heart, Jesus’ love, and hopefully, your need for him daily.

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And if you want to hear more about Christon Gray, you can listen to his testimony, Part 1 is out now as well as Part 2

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