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Streetlights ‘Volume 2: The Blueprint’

Streetlights ‘Volume 2: The Blueprint’

The Streetlights Urban Audio Bible, Volume 2: The Blueprint contains dynamic content that includes Exodus 1-20 and the book of Romans read word for word over a hip hop soundtrack crafted by production heavy hitters Wit and Tee Wyla.

The book of Exodus is narrated by Humble Beast artist Boogalu of ALERT312 and also features the voices of newly signed Humble Beast artist Jackie Hill, P4CM poet Karness Turner Jr. and 16 other talented vocalists. The epistle of Romans is read in its entirety by Humble Beast artist and Beautiful Eulogy member Odd Thomas.

Volume 2: The Blueprint aims to walk the listener through the biblical themes of Law and Grace. This audio Bible will serve as a precursor to our release of the Multimedia Curriculum which will include our audio Bible along with 10 videos and a 16 lesson curriculum teaching the foundational Christian doctrines of Law and Grace.

Buy Streetlights ‘Volume 2: The Blueprint’ on iTunes.


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