Rapzilla.com’s 10 Freshmen of 2014

James Gardin fka PHILTHY

James Gardin’s name may not be as familiar to the Christian Hip Hop audience, but this artist (formerly known as PHILTHY) is making himself known all on his own. As a member of the well-traveled BLAT!, Gardin has no interest in being a hearer or rapper of God’s Word only. The German-born artist has a driving passion for music, social issues and uniting people together with the love that changed him. Musically, he’s released a number of mixtapes and an EP that have received solid mainstream attention. While others would simply ride the wave of recognition, Gardin separated himself from the hype and travelled to South Africa for three months to create a music program that reached children infected with HIV/AIDS. With this “hands and feet” passion and the upcoming album The Living Daylights, Gardin’s message through his music will continue to change lives in 2014.


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