Lamp Mode Hires New President, Jason “Json” Watson.

Lamp Mode Recordings has hired Jason “Json” Watson as the president of the record label. Joshua Wann, the owner of the label, who also goes by his stage name DJ Essence said, “It really became obvious that he was the ideal candidate, based on not only who he was as an artist, but on who he was as a person, as Jason Watson.”

Jason is the first president in the label’s history and will be taking over Joshua’s duties and responsibilities. Now Joshua will be pursuing his long-term interests as creative director of Lamp Mode and focusing on the visual presentation of the label. He is also working on a new company, Scouts Honor Media, in which Lamp Mode is a client.

Jason has been an artist signed to the label since 2008. In his time with Lamp Mode Recordings he has been more than an artist. He is someone who has contributed to the business, marketing, and branding. Furthermore, all of Lamp Mode’s artists support the decision.

“I’m looking for someone who understands music, theology and business. Jason obviously exhibits the ability to do all three of those,” Joshua said. What does this mean for Lamp Mode Recordings? There will be changes, but nothing fundamentally or philosophically different. The label will be more efficient and as Joshua says, “Will make us better at what we do.”

As president, Jason wants to clarify what the Lamp Mode brand is and what the label stands for. He also wants to challenge the quality of the music, videos, branding, and marketing. “The goal is within the next year people should feel like they’ve seen a turn for the better with Lamp Mode. If not, then I haven’t done my job,” said Jason.

Jason is honored and encouraged to even be considered for the position. He was kicked out of school, part of a gang, and served jail time. However, through the power of Christ his life was turned around, and being the president, and an artist, on the label is a powerful display of God’s power, grace, love and glory.

Lamp Mode Recordings is a label that is theologically centered and focuses on making music for the Church. Their goal is to highlight the character of God, while presenting the gospel of Jesus Christ and a biblical worldview through hip-hop culture. It is an independently owned label based in Philadelphia. There are seven artists on the label: shai linne, Json, Stephen the Levite, Hazakim, Timothy Brindle, S.O., and God’s Servant. Stay up to date with the latest releases by checking


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