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Christon Gray ‘School of Roses’ Album Cover & Tracklisting

Christon Gray ‘School of Roses’ Album Cover & Tracklisting

Collision Records is gearing up to release the debut album by Christon Gray (of W.L.A.K.). The album entitled ‘School of Roses’ will be in stores March 25th, 2014 , however you can pre-order on iTunes now for $6.99 until the album releases. Life tends to school all of us as it teaches us lessons that we can only learn through our own set of personal experiences. School of Roses is that set of personal experiences for Christon Gray, offering a translucent album of ups and downs in his pursuit of Jesus – no filters, no masks. Gray leads us on the emotional trail that shows his heart, Jesus’ love, and hopefully, your need for him daily.


1. The Last Time
2. Wanna ft. JGivens
3. Windchaser
4. Vanish ft. Swoope
5. Roses 101 – After All
6. Hello or Goodbye
7. Moving On
8. Convenient ft. Wes Pendleton
9. SuperDave
10. Roses 102 – Burning House
11. Nostalgious ft. Taelor Gray & B. Reith
12. Lady Gray (Easy to Love)
13. Roses 103 – Ghost
14. Arena (The Final Hour)


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