Rejoice is J. Han’s debut EP, releasing February 22, 2014. On this project, he wrestles with the harsh reality of loss and what it means to stay positive and hopeful in the face of life’s difficulties. As a man of Christian faith, he believes that maintaining an attitude of rejoicing is crucial to gaining a God-inspired perspective on life. He will be the first to confess that the only reason he can rejoice in his circumstances is because of the compelling joy he has found in his savior, Jesus Christ. As J. Han recollects stories and experiences from the past on this project, he wishes to offer a small reflection of his humanity and hope. Just as he has learned to rejoice in the toughest of times, he hopes that his music will empower listeners to do the same.

1. Sweet (ft. Jae Jin)
2. Know Us (ft. Sam Ock)
3. Tapas (ft. CL and S.O.)
4. I’m Alive (ft. Sam Ock and Dale Kim )
5. Love Lost (ft. Tabitha Park)
6. On We Go [Remix]
7. Vibe